What’s going to happen in 2011

January 19, 2011

* There’s going to be an army coup in Pakistan. And, as usual, it will be ‘welcomed’  by most world leaders.

* While on the subject of coups d’état … there’s going to be an attempted one in Egypt … but it won’t succeed. Tunisian-style democratic forces will beat back the soldiers into their barracks, elections will be held and relative democrats will take power. Not for long though.

* The Irish elections, probably at the beginning of May, will result in a very strong showing by the populist right-wing Sinn Fein party. Despite a lot of bla bla about being for a workers’ republic, they will defend the church (and its reactionary teachings) and continue to support the corruption and skullduggery of their friends in Fianna Fail.

* The Euro will be in the news again, but not because of Spain but rather Italy: a government crisis will reveal the disastrous state of the Italian economy, excessive debt and the need for immediate German/IMF intervention.

* Leinster win the Heineken Cup and Australia walk it in the RWC.

* Mexico legalizes marijuana, sets up a state-controlled production and distribution service. Thousands of unemployed gangsters and drug-smugglers demonstrate in Mexico City, desperate for work.

* Chinese scientists find a way of squirting hydrogen peroxide particles into the upper atmosphere to reduce temperatures over East Asia by 4 degrees. Outcry in the West: a lot of shivering in the East.

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