New French property blog

February 9, 2012

Here’s a new blog opened by one of the oldest players in the French property game: Cheap French Property.

For years they have been unearthing cheap houses for sale in deepest France – many of them village houses in the little village of SW France. As a rule they only list properties under €100,000 and most of these are for sale directly through the owner.

It’s not an estate agent – just a listing site – and all their properties come from small ads, freebie newspapers, handwritten signs on the side of the road … the sort of sources that overseas buyers just don’t have access to.

Every month the listing is introduced by a little piece on the state of the housing market in France that month – interesting insights from people on the ground.

They have now launched a cheap French property blog which examines housing-related questions more thoroughly.

2 Responses to “New French property blog”

  1. We certainly need more ‘non-agency’ insights: if you believe the guff that’s published in the French (and UK) press on the French property market you could be forgiven for thinking that prices rise steadily every year!

    • Simon Oliver Says:

      Well said Robbie! But don’t put all agents in the same basket! Some of us have been saying for a while now that prices are falling and that it is a buyers’ market.

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